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About Us

Hermes Popcorn was started to help us, support our family and our children's future.  We wanted to work together doing something that we were passionate about.  I have the fondest memories as a child visiting our local popcorn stand with my parents.  Getting my warm bag of freshly popped corn is a memory I fondly look back on.   Our goal is to help create memories, for not only our children, but yours as well.  We are teaching our children that with hard work, they can achieve any dreams they have.  They all work and save money for their college savings and future.  We love working together and serving the community, no matter where it is;

 Car shows, Company Picnics, 4th of July Celebrations, Craft Fairs, Holiday Shows, Weddings, Benefits, Farmers Markets...and every show in between.  We hope to become a tradition for many families and Generations to come!  Grown right here in Northwestern Illinois.  We proudly serve you our very best

Non-Gmo Popcorn in several varieties, using as many local ingredients as possible.   

 Thank you for your support!

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